In my studio, I make assemblages and collages that combine traditional, classical, tactile and digital media. My mixed media compositions are grounded in the experience of color; geometry and pattern creating prescribed color systems that represent and reflect a contextual aerial landscape. My work also explores esoteric dimensions of dialog inspired by historical processes and the evolution of nature, artifacts, and metaphors.

In my art I have synthesized two traditions: Zen in collaboration with the esoteric and sublime, creating an abstract aesthetic of eastern and western expressionism. I have catalyzed a rejuvenated life for found materials and objects, harvesting emotional, historical, spiritual, and mythical elements from these objects, rendering layered dimensions of emotion and meaning that go beyond the material. This requires a high level of discipline-related expertise, with clear methodology and preparation. The dynamics of this medium demand continual expansion to achieve a powerful, relevant abstract imagery that embodies the challenges of our evolving future.

Recently I have been developing new approaches to my methodologies thus incorporating 3D and 2D mediums, spontaneous causation and the use of creative technologies to bring satisfying outcomes with transcribing energies.